Emil Kolben High Technical School, funded organization

Our History

Our school was founded in 1883 and celebrated its 130 years anniversary seven years ago. Its name and fields of study have been changing over the years, however the tradition of technical education in Rakovník has never been interrupted. Recently it is named after one of the most important personalities in the Czech industry, a businessman and inventor in the field of machinery and electrotechnics, Ing. Dr.h.c. Emil Kolben, who died during the Second World War in a detention camp.

Our School Now

Nowadays education is given in six fields of full-time study. There are 3 fields of graduation study – Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and 3 fields of apprenticeship – Electrician for power applications, Metal machinist and Mechanic-fitter. The graduates of all the fields are really demanded, without almost any unemployment. The total number of the students is 304 and it has been constantly increasing.

Cooperation with Companies and Universities

Our cooperation with companies has been a traditional part of our activity. Our partners are especially big regional employers: Procter & Gamble Rakona (detergent production), Valeo (air-conditioning and other car parts), Lasselsberger (Rako tiles), Eberspächer (exhaust systems), AERO (airplanes), Nexen (automotive), Jablotron (security devices). Apart from this we have been cooperating with many smaller firms for a long time. The above mentioned companies enable our students to practice, provide scholarship to many of them and they also participate in the school equipment. Forms of cooperation has been still developing and enriching, the interest of the firms has been growing, which is determined by the fast development of industry in our region.

We cooperate with the Electrotechnical Faculty of ČVUT Prague and The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. We are also a member organization of Autodesk Academy. Our school is in close relationship with 6 basic schools and provide lessons, excursions and technical courses for them as well as workshops for their teachers.


Our school takes part in many projects focused on improving the quality of teaching and equipment. Besides others there are international projects “, “Refugee Crisis – Approaching the Next Day” and “Active Agents for Embracing Diversity” in which we cooperate with other European countries. We successfully finished some other projects, such as “EU Energy eStory” (Erasmus+), “A  Contemporary Teacher of the 21st century” in cooperation with ČVUT Prague and “On the way of natural and technical science through the Central Bohemia” administrated by the Regional Office. Thereunder we have built an interactive physical laboratory, new laboratories of electrical measurement and automation, 3D classroom, modern CNC machines workshop etc. etc.

Our school also fills the development plan which includes for example a renewable energy classroom, a modern language classroom and a virtual reality laboratory. Computing and presentation technology undergoes an extensive renovation annually.

The protection of the environment is not neglected either. The Rakovník’s high technical school is as one of the few in the Czech Republic a proud holder of the “Global Action Schools” certificate and last year we defend the title “Central Bohemia School of Sustainable Development”.